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Canada Immigration

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for people from all over the world to settle. It offers the best of services quality of life, education, civil liberties, government transparency, and economic freedom. Canada is a very stable country and has diversity in history, nature and society. For many years Canada has been the preferred choice for investors, students and working professionals.

Why People Choose Canada? Few Facts.

Key benefits of choosing Canada as a destination include the following –
•    High rankings on major international comparative surveys
•    Member of G8 and NAFTA
•    World-class Canadian healthcare system
•    Excellent education system
•    Has rich cultural, ethnic and religious diversity
•    One of the safest countries to live in

1 – Standard of Living

Canada consistently presents high scores on the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) quality of life index.  The average household net-adjusted disposable income is US$28,194 in Canada, more than the OECD average of US$23,047 per year and life expectancy is 81 years, one year higher than the OECD average of 80 years.

 2 – Labour Market

Canada ranks high on the OECD labour market with 72.5 percent of individuals aged 15-64 employed (compared to 67.3 percent in the United States) in 2013.   Canada continues to be attractive to skilled newcomers. Between now and 2021, a million jobs are expected to go unfilled in Canada.  These expected labour shortages mean there are more opportunities for skilled newcomers.

3 – Health Care

Canadians are immensely proud of our health care system, and with good reason.  Citizens and permanent residents enjoy access to publicly-funded health care that guarantees coverage of medically necessary services regardless of income level.

4 – Natural Beauty

Spanning two oceans, Canada is a geographically diverse country and boasts some of the most beautiful geology in the world.  From the rugged Rocky Mountains to the postcard-perfect Atlantic coastline, flat prairie land and a multitude of forests, lakes and rivers in between, Canada is a playground for nature-lovers.  Our high scores in environmental cleanliness compared to other industrialized countries also makes the country attractive.  89 percent of the population are satisfied with the quality of their water, more than the OECD average of 84 percent.

5 – A Safe Place to Live

Canada’s national crime rate is lower than many other OECD countries.  The homicide rate has been steadily declining since 1975 and was 1.73 in 2011.  This rate is about one-third of the U.S. rate (4.80).  Rates of violent crime are generally higher in the larger urban centres of Western Canada.

 6 – Education

Access to education is a priority in Canada.  Public school education is free for students across the country, up to grade 12.  88 percent of adults aged 25-64 have earned the equivalent of a high-school degree, well above the OECD average of 74 percent.  The average student scored 527 in reading literacy, math and science in the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment, higher than the OECD average of 497; making Canada one of the strongest OECD countries in education skills.

7 – Social Programs

Canada cares for its residents.  In addition to access to free healthcare and public education, Canada offers many social programs including unemployment insurance for individuals faced with job layoffs, social welfare for individuals who are unable to support themselves and aren’t able to work, childcare benefits and an old age pension, to name a few.

8– A Multicultural Society

Canada values the contribution of immigrants and embraces all cultures and religions.  Multiculturalism in Canada is the belief that one can feel a sense of belonging to Canada without denying their ancestral culture.  Canada is ranked among the world’s top countries in terms of its integration of immigrants.

Some of the most popular Programs administered by the Federal/ Provincial Government of Canada meant for Businessmen for Investment and Permanent Migration along with their families are as under:


Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP), a Canadian immigration program that allows international investors to obtain Canadian permanent residence by investing CAD $800,000 risk-free, will reopen in less than two months. latest by Mar 30, 2017

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP), a Canadian immigration program  seeks experienced business people (including Farmers, Industrialists, Real Estate and other Businessmen) to invest CAD $800,000 into Quebec’s economy, migrate with their family (spouse and dependent children under the age of 19 years) and become permanent residents.

Primary eligibility requirements for this program are:
•    The applicant must show that they have business experience for at least two of the previous five years before the application.
•    They must have a minimum net worth (combined with spouse) of CAD$1,600,000 that was obtained legally and
•    Make a CAD $800,000 investment (The investment is guaranteed by The Government and is returned at the end of 5 years without interest)
Invest an amount of CAD $220,000 instead of CAD $800,000 which would be financed by a Canadian Government (CIC) mandated broker/bank. We can facilitate this for their clients.

The Quebec investor program is a unique option for individuals considering migration along with their families under the investor category as it allows financing of a large portion of the investment. Also, under this program, it is not required of the applicant to establish or actively manage a business in Quebec.

We provides complete assistance to its clients with documentation, the entire processing including financing, and provides access to legal advisory from one of the most experienced immigration lawyers in the world.


British Columbia-Provincial Nominee Program (BC-PNP)

Among the most beautiful and multicultural provinces in Canada, British Columbia, with its highly educated and skilled labor, is one of the most preferred business hubs in the country.

The BC-PNP is a relatively more economic immigration program designed to support the economic growth and the labor market of BC. It attracts entrepreneurs looking to invest in British Columbia and who can create jobs in BC as a result of their investment.

In this program, 200 registrations are accepted every month, and an invitation to apply to the highest-scoring registrants is sent. The application remains in the pool for six months unless it is selected in a shorter span. Successful applications among these are given a Work Permit. Upon running the business in British Columbia and complying with certain requirements of the BC government, the government of British Columbia (PNP Office) then issues a letter of nomination to apply for Permanent Residency to the individual and his family (including children up to the age of 19 years).

General requirements for the BC-PNP program are as under:
•    General Nomination Requirements:
–    Minimum Personal Net worth of CAD$600,000
–    Business Ownership/ Senior Management Experience
–    The investor should be involved in active and on-going management of the day-to-day business operations.

•    Business Requirements:

–    The candidate is required to make a minimum personal investment of CAD$200,000 in a business in British Columbia
–   Establish a new business or purchase and improve an existing business- The candidate is required to submit an initial business concept that will be scored on a points based system depending on a number of factors including the viability, the candidates abilities, and economic benefits. Once the invitation to apply is received, a detailed business plan is to be submitted.
–     Create atleast one fulltime job for a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident in the business.

Our team of lawyers and experts is there to guide you at every step including detailed guidance on customized business concepts and plans.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Home of some of the most well educated and highly skilled workforce of Canada, Manitoba, with its diverse and modern outlook, and strategic location, is one of the most sought after business destinations in the country.

The Provincial Nominee program for Business enables the province of Manitoba to nominate eligible business experienced individuals from all over the world to invest and establish a new business or partner in an existing business and move to Manitoba along with their families as permanent residents. With a history of migrants from various backgrounds, the province acknowledges the fact that business and farm immigrants play a key role in the province’s economic and demographical development.

The province enables resettlement of business owners and their families to settle in Manitoba, Canada through nomination, which in turn enables and stimulates the immigration process by the Government of Canada.

To be eligible for the program, the applicants need to fulfill requirements laid by the province, which include scoring a minimum point score on the point based system, a minimum verifiable Net worth of CAD$ 350,000 AND a minimum of three years of business ownership and management experience or senior management experience. Also, the applicants need to submit a good-faith deposit of CAD $100,000 which is refundable without interest, once they have met the deposit agreement terms and conditions. The investor (applicant) is required to invest a minimum investment of CAD $150,000 in assets and working capital as specified in detail by the program.

Manitoba- Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI)

Under the MPNP-B, the Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI) is an initiative by the Province of Manitoba, the land of cultural and economic diversity.  This program is for individuals with proven farm business experience, sufficient available capital to invest, and an intention to establish and operate a farm in Rural Manitoba.

The province of Manitoba treasures its farmers and acknowledges their role in the economic development of the province, to support that, it seeks experienced farmers from all over the world who wish to migrate to Manitoba, through this program. It is therefore expected that the applicants of this program will establish and run a farm in rural Manitoba that produces primary products in consistence with the Province’s current farm industry. Farm-businesses, which do not produce the same, may be classified under MPNP-B.

One of the main eligibility requirements for applicants to apply for this visa and thus permanent residency, is that they have a minimum verifiable personal net worth of CAD$ 350,000. Also, it is a must that the applicant has three years of experience of farm ownership and operation, which must also be verifiable. The applicants must be able to demonstrate technical knowledge, adaptability and experience in technology based farming practices, which will transfer directly to Manitoba’s primary farm production industry. It is mandatory for the applicant to conduct an Exploratory Visit before they apply for this visa. Also, the applicants need to submit a good-faith deposit of CAD $75,000 which is refundable without interest, once they have met the deposit agreement terms and conditions.

The applicant is required to make an investment of a minimum of CAD $150,000 in assets specified by Manitoba.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

What is Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan is a Canadian province that borders the United States to the south. Grassland covers its southern plains, and to the north are the rugged rock of the Canadian Shield plateau, coniferous forests, rivers and lakes. Regina, the provincial capital, is home to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, with exhibits on natural history and the people of Canada’s First Nations.

One of the fastest growing economies in Canada, Saskatchewan, acknowledges that its success is largely owed to immigrants from all over the world who have made the province their home. Under the Canada- Saskatchewan immigrant Agreement, 2005 between the Federal government and the Provincial Government of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) allows the provincial government to nominate applicants who qualify the eligibility criteria laid by it, to the federal government, to be granted the landed immigrant status.

The province of Saskatchewan hence seeks migration of individuals with specific skills, education and work experience through the SINP who can add to the further economic development of the province.

The SINP has further 4 categories:

•    Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm Category
•    International Skilled Workers
•    Saskatchewan Experience category

Please note that the International Skilled Workers category is for foreign nationals currently living or working in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Experience Category is for professionals/ skilled workers in specific areas of work and is discussed in detail under the Skilled Worker/ Professional Migration tab of this website

SINP Entrepreneur

This program is designed so that the Government of Saskatchewan can nominate applicants who are willing to own and operate a business in the province, and who qualify under the criteria laid by them to apply for permanent residency to the federal government of Canada through a Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Certificate.

The program seeks an EOI from applicants who have a minimum of CAD $500,000 worth of Net Business and Personal Assets, have a minimum of three years of relevant business management or entrepreneurial experience gained in the past ten years before applying. Also, The applicant must be willing to make a minimum investment of CAD $300,000 in Regina and Saskatoon or a minimum investment of CAD $200,000 in all other Saskatchewan Communities. The applicants who qualify under the point system criteria and who fulfill other requirements laid by the Government of Saskatchewan, sign a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) with the government of Saskatchewan, on receipt of which, the Government of Saskatchewan issues a letter to aid the applicants application to CIC for a Temporary Work Permit (TWP which is a two year work visa granted to the entire family). After the applicant has run the business in compliance with the BPA, and fulfilled all its requirements, they can be nominated by the SINP for permanent Residency to CIC. It is recommended that the applicant conducts an exploratory visit to Saskatchewan.

SINP Farm Category

This category provides the opportunity to eligible applicants and their families (including dependents below 19 years of age), to get permanent residency and to purchase and operate a farm in Saskatchewan. For this, it is mandatory that the applicant makes an exploratory visit to Saskatchewan.

Among other requirements for applicants applying under the Farm owner/ operator category, must be able to demonstrate a minimum verifiable net worth of CAD $500,000 approved by a third party which was accumulated through legal means. Also the applicant must demonstrate knowledge and experience of farm operations.

In addition, there are some amended criteria under the Young farmer stream- i.e. applicants under 40 years of age. In this, a minimum verifiable net worth of CAD $300,000 (approved by a third party) must be demonstrated. Also, besides the other requirements that are similar to the farm owner/ operator category, the applicant or the applicant’s spouse must have marketable employment skills, based on their education and experience, so that they are able to supplement their farming income.

The applicant must make an investment of a minimum of CAD $150,000 in a new or existing farm operation in Saskatchewan. Also, under this category the applicant is required to deposit a refundable good faith deposit of CAD $75,000 in the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Trust Fund.

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