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Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Moving house tips

Book your date with Trip Dial Movers early to get the best deals and to give you plenty of planning time, then print off the checklist from our site and refer to it at regular intervals. Start to clutter as soon as possible so there is less to move, which will save your money, and make a list of the main item you will be taking with you, particularly nothing valuable items. Begin your packing early, with anything you won’t need until after moving a day, and label boxes as soon as you finish packing them. We recommend that you keep important documents separate & placing any you will need on moving day in a folder to take with you.

Moving office tips

Trip Dial Make yourself a checklist to work from, before you do anything else, and tick off completed tasks. Streamline your office resources, disposing of any unnecessary items. Begin your packing with anything you don’t expect to need before you move but label the packing cases very clearly, in case you want to find something quickly. Back up your files, if you haven’t already done so, before disassembling computers and photograph leads in position before removing them, to save confusion later. Protect the separate components of your computers by padding them before wrapping and securing with tape.

Moving quotes

Decide us Trip Dial Movers’ flexible rating options you want. The hourly rate is generally recommended for moving a few items or for emptying smaller houses, such as three bedrooms or fewer. For larger houses, the best option is to get a fixed-price quotation, which we will provide after a no-obligation site survey. If you want the hourly rate, you can give one of our operators a call to start the process or use the online estimating tool. To get a fixed-price quotation, contact us and one of our experts will come out, at your convenience, to assess your needs. Trip Dial make your quotations very specific so you can decide which services you want and for which you might make other arrangements.

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