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Packing Guide

Packing Guide

 Prioritising the Packing Order

No matter what size in your home is, packing it all up in advance of a house move can be a fairly daunting prospect – however, in our experience, planning and prioritising is the key to a problem-free packing process. At Trip Dial Movers, we have many years of experience helping our customers to move home, so let us help you by sharing some of our recommendations for painless packing etc.

Get Your Removal Team On-Board

As soon as you know the approx moving date, your first priority should be to hire a professional moving company. Knowing you have a team of professionals to help you through the process will immediately take some of the stress away.

Trip Dial experts, your moving team will be able to offer you the benefit of their packing knowledge and experience. They may also be able to provide you with packing materials, either as part of their overall fee or for a small additional charge.

Get Your Packaging Materials Together

The sooner you start gathering packing materials the better. Here is a general list of what we recommend for your packing kit:

  • Cardboard box – ask friends and family if they have any packing boxes they could lend you. Start collecting boxes from supermarkets – many leave them out for customers to take for free.
  • Bubble sheet wrap– easily bought in large rolls, use this for delicate or precious items.
  • Newspapers – use this for wrapping up cutlery, crockery and dishes.
  • Labels and paper – for labelling each box with their location in the new house.

With the Trip Dial and the packaging arranged, now it’s time to turn your attention to your time scales. The most important piece of advice we would give is not to leave everything to the last minute! The key to a smooth, stress free packing process is to plan, prioritise and then pack. With that in mind, here is our suggested timetable for your planning and packing:

Three months before the move

Now is the time to have a good look round your home and have a clear-out. Many moving companies base their charges on the actual amount of goods they move, so there’s absolutely no point paying them to move something that you never use.

Six weeks before the move-: Prioritising

Now you should be starting to prioritise what can be packed and when. Things that you use on a daily basis will clearly not be able to be packed until much nearer the move. However other things such as books, DVDs and all those random kitchen utensils (which never actually see the light of day) can be packed away much earlier. At this stage, even packing one or two boxes a night will really make a dent in the work that needs done. Remember to label your boxes with the room that they are destined for at your new home.

One week before the move –: Personal Items

By now, all your non-essential items should be packed up and you can now start thinking about what you will need access to during the period of the move. We suggest packing a suitcase for each person in the house with enough clothes, toiletries and – if required – books and toys for children for a few days. These will be used during the two or three days around the move.

The week before the move –:Final Packing

This is when the packing really steps up a gear. Work systematically around each room in the house over the course of the week, packing everything apart from essentials required for everyday living during the move. Create a box of things you will want access to on the day of the move – for example, the kettle, mugs, biscuits, tea bags, a list of key contacts and any personal documentation you will need during the move – and keep it in a safe but easily accessible place.

Moving day –: Final Checks

By now the only things left to pack should be bedding and small personal items. If you have followed our suggestions above, you will be packed, relaxed and ready to start unpacking it all again in your new home!

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