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Self Pack

Self Pack


Weigh up the pros and cons of packing for yourself

Packing yourself to save costs can seem to make sense if you’re on a tight budget, but it pays to take our professional advice. After all, our parent company has more than years’ in the domestic & international logistics and removals business. We can help you to avoid simple errors that can turn a straight forward move into a drawn out, more stressful experience. At the very least, you should first read our useful packing tips. It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how easily they can be overlooked with so many things to consider before a move. Two of the best bits of advice we have to offer are: Always allow much more time than you need, and use strong, professional purpose made cartons and packing materials.

Packing boxes and packing materials picked by the professionals

As a move approaches it can be a last minute rush to use any packing materials to hand. Over our years in the business we’ve been many times with splitting bin bags and poor quality packing boxes poached from the nearest corner shop. It simply adds stress, and time, to your move. We source the highest quality, professional packing boxes and packing materials at the best possible prices. Simply order the materials when you book with us and for a small fee we can deliver everything you need well in advance of your move.

Why it pays to trust your packing to professionals

It may seem like an added cost. But in our experience, when clients see how quickly and efficiently we pack, the expertise we have in dealing with valuable and delicate items, and how their time can be better spent organizing and arranging their new home or office, they appreciate the real value of our service. It’s a professional service few van and man companies can provide. We can offer a full packing service or you can use us for individual items.

Remember to let us know when you book whether you want to order packing materials or you require any of our professional packing services. Thanks
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