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Theme Parties

Oh the thrill of the big reveal!  Gather your group for a fun filled themed night to make memories together.  Maximize camaraderie and build rapport amongst your guests with a theme they won’t forget.

Do you want to rock out at your own Block Party?  Lounge amongst the trees in your own Enchanted Forest?  Savor local flavors at your own Farm?  We can create all of these environments or just about anything you can dream up!

We take great pride in wowing your guests with exceptional creativity and quality.  From concept to execution, we strive to achieve the unforgettable.

A well-planned party theme can ignite the imagination of all your guests. If you are planning a themed event, your theme can extend through to your choice of menu and beverages.

Why choose one when you can choose multiple themes? We organise progressive food stations for a party with a difference. Event themes can be stylish, romantic, fun, crazy, intimate, large scale, high impact, and more.

We bring it all and install at your venue, we prepare great food as part of our theme party catering service. Our hosts love that we also clean up at the end, so you don’t have to

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