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Valuable Items

Valuable Items

When you think of moving house, some worst-case scenarios you might imagine must involve items getting lost or broken; particularly those which have sentimental value or would be expensive to replace. Many electrical items, such as computers and televisions are both fragile and large, and it could be costly to replace them, as well as inconvenient, since we tend to use them frequently. Therefore, it’s important to protect them properly during the move.

Planning ahead

Like any job, packaging items is easier if you gather everything you will need first. You should obtain cushioning materials, including bubble wrap in large quantities and other padding supplies, for example, polystyrene packing insulation. Don’t underestimate how much padding you should use, as skimping on this would be a false economy, and get a sturdy pair of scissors as you will be doing a lot of cutting. You will also need something to enclose the padded items, such as wrapping sheets, multi-layer packing paper or old bed sheets or towels. To secure the items, you will need heavy-duty packaging tape and get some marking pens and labels, so that you can mark the items with what they are, which way up they go and to which room they belong.

Be generous

You should first remove all cables, because these prevent you from wrapping the item correctly and may damage it during transit, but you should put them into a bag and label it so you know which appliance they are for. A good tip is to photograph cables before you remove them, which makes replacement easier. The key to protecting fragile items is to be as generous with the padding as you can. If it’s a television, for example, put polystyrene sheets on the screen before adding copious amounts of bubble wrap, enclose it in sheeting and secure it well with tape. Professional movers have equipment, such as carrying straps to allow safer transportation of heavy or bulky items, so you and your movers can work together to keep your property safe.

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